January writing activities for 3rd grade

Boggle Shake It Up! My students each have a word ring that contains spelling words, word wall words, and content vocabulary differentiated according to their needs that they use with each activity.

January writing activities for 3rd grade

Recommended Hello 3rd grade families! I cannot believe how fast two weeks has passed since we came back from Winter break!

Thank you for your support through this time of transition. I am very excited to have joined the Cougar Ridge staff and get to be teaching your students.

I will be posting a blog post about once a month to update families about what is going on in our classroom. There are many days I am not able to check my email until after school is out. So please try to arrange attendance and pick up with the office. If you do need to get a note to your child you can always call the office and they will relay the message.

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We are doing an art project with our lovely art docent on Wednesday, January 18th. The day before January 17th your student should bring in a small sandwich size bag of about metal, plastic or wooden objects such as small toys like legos, desk supplies, keys, clean recyclables, bottle caps etc.

We have finished Module 3 in math yesterday. In this unit students started with a review of the commutative property for multiplication.

january writing activities for 3rd grade

We then focused on multiplication and division of units 6, 7, 8, and 9. The students READ the problem and pull out the important information by highlighting or writing it.

Students have begun reading and digging deep into expository reading. As a group we have been looking for text features and discussing how authors add text features to informational writing to help the reader gather more information.

We also just finished our January Book Talks. The students did a very good job, I was very proud of the way they got up in front of the class to present! In writing we have begun working on informational writing.

The students have picked their own writing topics that they consider themselves an expert on. We have been using other published informational books as mentor texts in both reading and writing. The students are very excited to be adding text features to their writing that will help give their reader more information.

We are in the middle of drafting our writing and we will soon begin working on revising.3rd Grade Writing Activities.


I would make the Grinch grin writing activity from 3rd Grade Rocks! Grinch Foldable from A Teacher’s Treasure.

Did you miss our Christmas Bulletin Boards and Winter Bulletin Boards posts? We hope they inspire you to create a board you would like to share with us! Creative Writing Ideas and Journal Topics for Winter and January.

Winter and January Writing Prompts: creative writing ideas and topics would also be appropriate for other grade levels.

january writing activities for 3rd grade

to another page on Unique Teaching Resources that contains detailed lesson plan ideas and printable worksheets for those January writing prompts. Feb 20,  · After the picture writing prompts is a link to a file that has the prompts as you see here, the prompts with no color in the background (to save on the ink cost if you need to print them), writing paper, and suggested use benjaminpohle.com: Thinking Out Loud.

Grade Name Developed and published by CTB/McGraw-Hill LLC, a subsidiary of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., 20 Ryan Ranch Road, Monterey, California The students READ the problem and pull out the important information by highlighting or writing it.

They then DRAW the problem using a diagram and/or numbers. They finally WRITE about the problem by explaining the answer. Teams of teachers authored units for each grade and content area of the Colorado Academic Standards.

Below, are sample instructional units for 3rd grade mathematics, reading, writing, and communicating, science, social studies, comprehensive health, visual arts, drama/theatre, dance, and music.

Third Grade Thinkers: Implementing STEM Activities: Worth the Effort?