Pensonic holdings bhd essay

It operates through the following segments: Manufacturing, Trading, and Others. The Manufacturing segment comprises of the operation of manufacturing plant in Bukit M inyak Industrial Park. The Trading segment consists of products available through its distribution network such as dealers, wholesalers, departmental and chain stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Pensonic holdings bhd essay

A warm summer day found me slowly walking up the shady groves of Ashley Hill, Bristol. The first house was on the right, and here, among his own people, in plain, unpretentious apartments, lives a saintly patriarch, George Muller.

Passing through the lodge gate, I paused a moment to look at House No. The bell is answered by an orphan, who conducts me up a lofty stone staircase, and into one of the private rooms of the venerable founder of this great institution.

Muller has attained the remarkable age of ninety-one. As I stand in his presence, veneration fills my mind. He received me with a cordial handshake and bade we welcome. It is something merely to see a man by whom God has accomplished a mighty work: The communion of that hour will be graven on my memory while life shall last.

This servant of the Most High opened his heart to me, counseled me, prayed with me, and gave me his blessing. My own words were few. He has never failed me! For nearly seventy years every need in connection with this work has been supplied. The orphans, from the first until now have numbered nine thousand five hundred; but they have never wanted a meal.

There never was a time when we had no wholesome meal. During all these years I have been enabled to trust in the living God alone. Seven million five hundred thousand dollars have been sent to me in answer to prayer. We have needed as much as two hundred thousand dollars in one year, and it has all come when needed.

No man can ever say I asked him for a penny. We have no committees, no collectors, no voting, and no endowment. All has come in answer to believing prayer. God has many ways of moving the hearts of men to help us, all over the world.

While I am praying, He speaks to one and another on this continent and on that to send us help. Only the other evening, while I was preaching, a gentleman wrote a check for a large amount and handed it to me when the service was over. Muller, and noted how greatly your faith has been tried at times.

Is it so now? Besides our financial responsibilities, suitable helpers have to be found constantly, and suitable places provided for hundreds of orphans constantly leaving the homes.

Then often our funds run very low; only the other week we had come nearly to the end of our supplies. But we have always to be praying, always believing. Expect great things from God, and great things you will have.

Pensonic holdings bhd essay

There is no limit to what He is able to do. Praises for ever to His glorious name! Praise Him for everything! I have praised Him many times when He sent me ten cents, and I have praised Him when He has sent me sixty thousand dollars. How could I pray if I had reserves? Our reserve fund is in Heaven.

The living God is our sufficiency. I have trusted Him for one dollar, I have trusted Him for thousands, and never trusted in vain. Most of the time he had leaned forward, his gaze directed on the floor.

But now he sat erect, and for several moments searched my face, with an earnestness that seemed to penetrate my very soul. There was a grandeur and majesty about those undimmed eyes, so accustomed to spiritual visions and to looking into the deep things of God.

In any event, there was not a shadow of doubt but that it roused his whole being. After a brief pause, during which his face was a sermon, and the depths of his clear eyes flashed fire, he unbuttoned his coat and drew from his pocket an old-fashioned purse, with rings in the middle separating the character of the coins.

When money is sent to me for my own use, I pass it on to God.PENSONIC HOLDINGS BERHAD Pensonic Holdings Berhad was established by Dato’ Sri Chew Weng Khak in Balik Pulau, Penang. Its first branch was set up in line with its business expansion in by the name of Keat Radio.

Pensonic Holdings BhdMY: Earnings Analysis: Q1, By the Numbers: October 31, Categories: Yahoo FinanceGet free summary analysis Pensonic Holdings Bhd.

reports financial results for the quarter ended August 31, Highlights Summary numbers: Revenues of MYR million, Net Earnings of MYR million. FOCUS POINT HOLDINGS BERHAD Introduction This case analyzes the effect of Focus Point Holdings Berhad financial strategy on the firm’s operating activities and financial performance.

Focus Point Holdings Berhad is an investment holding company that engages in the operation of professional eye care centers in Malaysia. INSIDER ASIA S STOCK OF THE DAY LATITUDE TREE HOLDINGS BHD THE persistent weakening of the ringgit vis-à-vis the USD augurs well for domestic exporters enhancing their earnings and competitiveness against global players.

accompanied by an essay calling for action to reverse the decline of American rivers and lakes. PENSONIC HOLDINGS.

Pensonic Holdings Bhd. is an investment holding company, which engages in the manufacturing, importing, exporting, distributing and marketing of electrical home appliances for the domestic and international markets.

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