Product lifecycle of bajaj pulsar

So, that is for the first eight months of the year. Though we did face some issues in the middle we are hoping to make that up this month. Therein again we had good exports but could have done better. Could you throw some light on the market share Bajaj enjoys?

Product lifecycle of bajaj pulsar

Rajiv Bajaj is confident—after all, he has been there and done that. At his office in Mumbai, he casually chooses where he wants to sit on the couch. During the interview, he turns a question around to check if you really mean it.

He poses for a photograph. He raises his voice while making a point but does answer everything patiently. This interview was happening as part of the series of interviews conducted by the news channel during the month of December. The primary objective of these interactions was to gauge what were the business plans for these different companies for the New Year, what their outlook were and predictions.

By presenting a series of such interviews, the news channel was helping the investors, shareholders and the public build a perception of the near future and prospects.

So, that is for the first eight months of the year. Though we did face some issues in the middle we are hoping to make that up this month. Therein again we had good exports but could have done better.

Could you throw some light on the market share Bajaj enjoys? We are constrained by capacity. But I would not say it is only a matter of production constraintit is a matter of production constraint as far as the new products are concerned.

For example, we still sell the older Discover but obviously that is the vintage, the novelty has worn off. Even if we can make more, we are not going to be able to sell more.

Product lifecycle of bajaj pulsar

So we need to make more of this new Discovery M that we have launched that has been received very well. I think we have done well to come to a level of 40, in its first full month of production. But in November we lost four-five days due to the Diwali holidays, in December we have the annual shutdown.

So, it will take until January before we can do better on that front.

Life cycle of bajaj

What do you think of the gloom that has hit the automobile industry as a whole? Do you see it lift?

Product lifecycle of bajaj pulsar

Of course I see it lift. That is the whole idea of business. How else would I make money? Jokes aside, the recession will pass. It has definitely affected us. Sales have been hit, revenues have taken a beating and some of our long term visions need to be revisited.

But that is the beauty of doing business. Having said this, the government, in collaboration with RBI and all the other authorities, is working towards helping us get over this phase. Investments need to pick up and that is the trigger. Election times are always a bit tricky but this shall pass and we should be back on a good growth track.

What are your predictions about the coming year for Bajaj? I cannot see us exceeding two lakh in December. However, definitely from January I would like to believe that if we are able to make as many of the new products as we wish to and I think we will be able to, and then clearly we should start demonstrating a positive year on year growth.

But we definitely need to revisit our drawing board. The existing marketing strategies we have employed may not hold on.

Life cycle of bajaj

Additionally, we will look at extending our product line and targeting the rural market. The good thing is we have all the talent that we need in the right place.Apr 26,  · Unlike its old ways of doing things, Bajaj did not rest with the laurels. It knew that Pulsar is the golden key to control the entire bike market.

Hence Pulsar got undivided attention from the company. In another milestone event happened in the product lifecycle of the brand.

Bajaj launched its new technology DTSI. Looking at the way the share prices are going, the market. PLC GRAPH OF CHETAK Reasons for Failure?or Decline?

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Bajaj never was serious about product development. The R&D spent for a long time was a miniscule 1%.

Kellogg’s Product lifecycle Link to case study Overview: a case study focusing on the development of Kellogg’s Special K brand Learning objectives: to understand the product life cycle to understand the value of market research to examine extension strategies. Bajaj revealed the version of the Pulsar LS motorcycle. The bike has become a pioneer in the twin sparkplug technology and 4-valves, because it is the first and only model in its class. It also delivers an impressive mileage of kmpl in city as compared to Karizma which delivers 30 kmpl in city. 4. Product design and development capabilities. Bajaj Pulsar includes safety features like twin pilot lamps powered on a DC circuit that ensures a constant and powerful beam of light at all speeds of travel.

The average cycle time for the new product development was years compared to years of Japanese competitors. Product lifecycle of bajaj Pulsar Essay. Bajaj Auto “Good evening and thank you for taking time out to interview with us Mr - Product lifecycle of bajaj Pulsar Essay introduction.

Rajiv Bajaj” said Ashwini Mathur, correspondent of a prominent news channel. BAJAJ PULSAR DTSI CC Bajaj Auto, the pioneer in performance biking has further extended the portfolio with the launch of the new cc ‘Pulsar’ DTS-i The new digital console is an advanced version of the latest Pulsar family/5(16).

Product Life Cycle A Product Life Cycle is the “period of time over which an item is developed, brought to market, and eventually removed from the market” (Investopedia, p 1). The Product Life Cycle (PLC) is the foundation upon the biological cycle of life.

T he Bajaj group was founded in by Jamnalal Bajaj. In the mid s, Bajaj Auto Limited (BAL) started as an importer of two- and three-wheelers. In , the company secured a license from the Government of India (GoI) to manufacture two- .