The past meets the present essays on oral history

American Immigration Past and Present: A Simulation Activity Historical Overview Throughout its history, America has served as the destination point for a steady flow of immigrants. During the colonial era most migrants came from northern European countries. Their numbers declined with the onset of the Revolutionary War during the s, but immigration later picked up strongly again during the s and s.

The past meets the present essays on oral history

From our Blog Birdwhistell, University of Kentucky Sherna B. It encourages those who produce and use oral history to recognize certain principles, rights, technical standards, and obligations for the creation and preservation of source material that is authentic, useful, and reliable.
The Past meets the present : essays on oral history (Book, ) [] Students become familiar with the underlying principles and unique structure of our democratic republic, analyze the U.
The Manhattan Project Students graduating with a B.

Lidia Yuknavitch July 8, 5 10 min read Trauma brought me to the page, it is that simple. When my daughter died in the belly world of me, I became a writer — so that all the words that cannot name grief, all the words threatening to erupt from my belly and uterus did not explode up and through my skull and face and shatter the very world and sky.

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The past meets the present essays on oral history

The labor of our lives is actually quite simple: So that others might go on. I wrote a book from the body of my dead girl. There is no map for grief, but there are bridges to others. When I was 30 and finishing a dissertation on war and narrative, a box arrived via UPS to the door of my home.

The box was about the size of a small television.

Articulate and interpret an understanding of key historical facts and events in the twentieth and twenty first century history of the United States. Identify the influence of culturally based practices, values, and beliefs to analyze how historically defined meanings of difference affect human. Trust me it will make irish so much easier as you will be able say any very in any tense, it will help massively with essays, oral, sraith pictúir, Everything, you always use verbs! Okay so the Gnáthchaite, it is on the course, although i never did it in class and rarely used it. What this handout is about. This handout will help you figure out how to use oral histories in essays. It will give you suggestions for how to prepare for and conduct oral history interviews and help you determine, based on your context and purpose, how to integrate raw material into your essay.

I removed the brown paper and tape carefully…then wondered why I had been careful? The cardboard box under the brown paper had a red lid. When I opened the red lid a hundred photos and yellowed papers and documents spread before me like hands.

Nothing from my aunt — there was no explanation for what was inside the box.


Deep mistrust spread through me even as I put my hand down into the photos and pieces of paper. Something…a tiny electrical charge…moved up the crouch of my fingers and up my forearms and into my biceps and shoulders.

I tilted my head to the side. Then I took the photos out one at a time and looked at them. I had never been to Lithuania, the land of my paternal lineage. I have the square jaw and small blue eyes of a Baltic woman. I know because I looked at the photos, and they looked back. I saw selves who looked like me for the first time in my life.

Even their bodies were of the shape and tune of mine — broad-shouldered and small-waisted, muscled arms and long necks and spines and Slavic noses. But the photos were not alone. Also inside the box were cut-out articles and Xeroxed copies of a story repeated over and over again.

The stories were about a photographer in Lithuania during the Russian occupation. This photographer managed to document a secret massacre at a hospital in a small rural town in Lithuania.

The uniforms and rifles of soldiers. The photographer was my great uncle, I learned later. He was then sent to a Siberian gulag for 18 years for taking the photos.

My great aunt hid the photos away behind the wall boards in her home in Lithuania at the head of her bed, in the long wait for her husband and his beautiful hands to return to her.

Every night I would walk to a writing shed to the side of our house. I would light a wood stove and bury my torso in a blanket waiting for the room to heat up.

I would watch spiders that had spun new worlds in the corners or across the windows overnight. My husband and son safe and well in the house, the amber internal light of home making them glow from afar, the black and blue light of external night light taking me away from wife and mother and toward the body where I make art.

Every night I followed this pattern.


A novel that came from the box of photos. I know a woman named Menas who is a painter in Lithuania.Preparing for an oral history interview will require a number of steps including background preparation, question formulation, interviewing techniques, etc. In the beginning of the semester, I knew of the importance to each step/5(1).

The past meets the present essays on oral history

Oral History Interview Example. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional academic writers. History Essay Writing Service Free Essays More History Essays Examples of Our Work History Dissertation Examples.

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What happens when past meets the present? “History, Preservation, and Public Reckoning in Museums” analyzes the relationship between history and the preservation of historic places, especially in the context of former plantation sites.

The partnership between RUSI and University of Victoria’s (UVIC) History Department started some 8 years ago.

Over the years, RUSI has supported the Military Oral History (MOH) program in many ways, including; the participation of RUSI members interviewed by the students, an annual grant of $, involvement in several MOH Conferences, and other general letters of support.

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History: Africa essays / Discuss Either Internal Or External Factors That Influence Africa’s Colonial Legacy Up To Colonialism is a thing of the past that can . The Vermont Foodways Digital Initiative seeks to explore the culture and tradition of food in Vermont through multimedia.

We define foodways to include all aspects of food from farm to fork.

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