Write a review php script name

In order to change these values, you must first be able to see what they are. To do that, you will need to create a phpinfo page.

Write a review php script name

Your Assignment The Concept I have two concepts in this primer. One you'll only use when you want to prompt the user for information.

The second, creating variables, you'll use throughout the remainder of your JavaScript life. Here's what we're going to do: We'll ask the user for his or her name and that name will have a variable assigned to it.

Once the variable is assigned, then we can enter it into a "document. I will tell you that this primer is a little long, because I wanted to stop for a moment and review what you've done so far. Welcome to my page! Yeah, I stuck in another extra command.

These are commands that comment out text in the script. Well, this one does the same thing, but it's a little better.

The double slash is called a single line comment. You have to have double slashes at the beginning of each new line. These comment commands allow for multiple lines. Creating a Variable This concept is paramount in JavaScript.

You must know how to do this. What you are doing is denoting a one-word title for the output of a JavaScript function. Remember when we were posting the date to the page using the method "getDate "?

write a review php script name

When we placed it into the document. Since we only did it once, it wasn't so hard. But what if we wanted to write it ten times across the same page? Writing those nine characters again and again would get boring. So, we assign a variable to represent the output of the method.

Let's say we choose the variable "d". That way, we would only have to write getdate once and assign "d" to it. Then the rest of the way through, we'd only write "d" when we wanted the date.

Let's get back to this example: Here's the line from above that denotes the variable: I made this up. It didn't have to be this long. In fact, I could have made it "N" if I wanted. It's just always best to make the variable names so that you can easily remember what they represent.

Remember that JavaScript is case sensitive, so if you spell your code word "Dog", then the "D" has to remain capitalized every time you call for it or the browser will see it as two separate names. Please notice that there are no quotes in this run of text. Just follow one word with the next as shown above.

In this case, the variable will represent the output of the prompt box.

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The Prompt Command I used a new command in this example, the "prompt.Home» Writing a Radio Script. Writing a Radio Script.

A few aesthetic considerations to keep in mind as you write your script: Give the phonetic spelling of hard-to-pronounce words and names in parentheses after the name.

Write out numbers and abbreviations – it will slow your read down if you have to figure out how to say 1, Aug 19,  · First we set a very simple PHP script. It will take from the $_GET superglobal parameters that were sent in HTTP request using GET method.

The “param1” and “param2” will be interpreted respectively as a function name and arguments for the function to be executed. When running a script, you need to include the full path name unless the script is located in the directory from which SQL Command Line was started, or the script is located in the default script location specified by the SQLPATH environment variable.

Apr 24,  · Hi Koji, thank you for making it so simple, I still encounter a problem: though I set $_SESSION variable in one php (benjaminpohle.com) file, when the next php (benjaminpohle.com) is loaded, the $_SESSION variables seems to be unset.

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For example, you could type the name "Jamie"; and then hit enter.

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